Warming Up

How many times have you seen players arrive to the courts, grab their racquet and go all out right away? You have all seen and heard of many injuries that are sustained playing sport, so the question is what are the prevention methods?

Well, next time try these before you are scheduled to go out and hit on the tennis court:
-Dynamic stretching
-Resistance band stretching
-Shadow swings/ Movement shadow swings

Do these at an intensity that will get you sweating ever so slightly.
Once you are sweating and are able to perform your shadowing at full speed, you can consider yourself warmed up for the training session or game.

So the next time you are due to play think about all the times you NEVER heard about or saw someone pulling a muscle standing still and use progressive dynamic warm-ups (and warm downs) to “hit the ground running.” When you play, you will be well on the way to winning the first set and statistically probably the match!

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