Our aim is to provide all our students with a fun learning environment where they can develop and practice their tennis skills. We work to impart our positive values to all our players to help them play their best on the court, have fun and improve their tennis.

Our Perth Academy have programs that provide a ratio of one coach to six students so that we can provide quality tennis coaching experience for each of our players. We are personally committed to getting the best out of each of our players.

Our coaching philosophy is to

  • Provide players of any age and ability with enjoyment of the game in a fun, motivational and continual learning environment.
  • Get the best out of each player, whether the player is athletically gifted or not, and help them achieve success by guiding them with different coaching methods, using various tools to enhance and fast track their development.
  • Prepare all beginners 7 years and older to be able to compete in competition through a weekly coaching program. All the necessary skills will be taught to the players so that they become confident, ready and, most importantly, players who enjoy competition and learn to play the game of tennis fast.
  • Help players learn something new or improve on a specific part of their game before they leave every lesson whether it be technical, tactical or physical.
  • Accept students as young as 3 years of age into the sport, training using methods and safe tools that will improve co-ordination, balance, and movement in a safe, fun environment. Racquets are not needed with this until 4 years of age but can be before then if signs of development indicate the time is right to advance to a racquet.
  • Attend competitions our players are playing in
  • Provide personalised development with tennis specific fitness conditioning programs for our ambitious and high performance players.
  • Encourage players to play pennant competitions, club championships and club match play days to further develop their skills.
  • Encouraged parents to join the group sessions and involved in playing so they can play with their kids in their spare time.
  • Include players with disabilities into our programs.