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Perth Performance Tennis Academy, Founded in 2012 with the idea of making available tennis coaching techniques and approaches which are “innovative and tailored”. This approach is reflected by our carefully selected coaches, most of whom have experience working with all level of players and always aim to bring the very best out of the players they train.

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Free trial!
No-obligation. For new customers to any of our group classes, excluding the junior holiday programs
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Age 2-6 years old

We want to bring as many young people into the world of tennis as we can and we strive to make it fun while there is improvements.


Age 7 to 16 years old

The next step up from Hot Shots Red Stage. For players with little to no experience in the specified age bracket. Fun, technique development.


Age 8 to 16 years old

The next step up from the Beginners Squad — for intermediate players. Rally the ball, learn basic tactics, more power and control, and develop physical abilities for a 3/4 court and full court.


Age 10 to 16 years old

For experienced competition players. Emphasis on rallies, strategies, tactics, and technique. Competitive and fun environment.


Aged 10 to 16

This program is for players who have progressed from the green ball stage and also suitable for players 14 years and up who have some experience competing in competitions.Emphasis will be on rallies, strategies, tactics, technique and to further develop their physical abilities by playing in some intensive environment.

high performance

The progression from the Advanced Squads. Invitation-only for regular tournament and high division Junior Pennant competition players who are also transitioning into competing in adults competition.



“Thank you for your great work! Isabella really enjoys the squad training, the energy and intensity! Your coaches are really awesome with the kids and you can tell they love their work! We have played at heaps of places and this is by far the best!”


“Learning to play tennis has been fantastic, being an adult beginner can be quiet daunting but the coaching was friendly and helped me improve my tennis really quickly, the club members are really welcoming there’s always great things happening at the club, great for players of all skill level and age”


       Scott, 27