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Why enrol with us?

  • High performance coaching/pro training
  • Professional, reputable, internationally renowned
  • Personalised coaching and 1 on 1 development
  • 100% guaranteed improvement
  • Incredible value based on performance improvement
  • Stay healthy whilst having fun

Enrol Online

Enrol via Email

Please email to info@perthperformancetennis.com.au Let us know your class type and day preferred if it's related to group classes and if it's for private sessions then just your preferred times and days. PLEASE NOTE: if you do not hear back from us in 2 working days with acknowledgement of enrolment via the online enrolment form, please send a direct email which is the one stated above.

Payment can also be made via bank transfer:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: Perth Performance Tennis Academy Pty Ltd
  • BSB: 016 267 
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 645339861

Please use your child's surname and program as reference

Cheques made payable to the account name above also accepted.

Online credit card payments are also available (surcharge applied)

If you have any questions please contact us on 1300 731 034

Terms & Conditions for all our Programs

The Perth Performance Tennis Academy takes pride in its extensive coaching program. We offer a fun, secure and community-focused academy to help our students achieve their best.

1.0      COACHING RATIO 6:1

6 players maximum per coach for all main squads ( Adults regular , Pee Wees & Inclusion Tennis coaching ratio 4:1)


Term fees must be paid no longer than 7 days after the 1st lesson. Late fee penalty of $10 to be applied after 7 days of non payment received. Then a further $5 fee every 7 days after the invoice due date. 

Private Lesson & store fees must be paid no longer than 3 days after the 1st lesson/purchase. Late fee penalty of $10 to be applied after 3 days of non payment received. Then a further $5 fee every 3 days after the invoice due date.

5% discount will apply for players who join 2 or more classes a week.

5% discount will apply for siblings only.

Online credit card payments incur a 2.0% surcharge. (On site cc payments incur a 1.9%).


3.1      Missed Classes/ Enrollment Cancellation

PPTA do not provide refunds if players do not attend their term squad lessons, or scheduled make up lessons.

If you cancel the enrollment at any stage (before or after confirmation of the spot), paid or not, a $20 processing fee will be non refundable.

3.2      Private Lesson Cancellation

Cancellation of any private or semi-private lesson must be given 24 hrs in advance . All cancellations made by the client, with less than 24 hrs hours notice will be charged a $20 penalty fee.

In the event the private lesson is confirmed but no one shows up, then this will be charged in full.

Pre-paid coaching students will be offered an alternative lesson time. 

3.3   Serious Injury/Illness

Provided a Dr note is supplied. PPTA will provide the student with a missed classes credit on their account which will be assigned onto their account once they return to the Academy.


Absences must be communicated to Perth Performance Tennis Academy by email, text or call. If the Academy is not informed students will be marked off as a non attendance & the make up lesson will be voided.

A maximum of 2 Make up lessons are offered as a courtesy & are subject to availability in the same squad the player attends. These Make up lessons are only valid in the term the class was missed.

This cancellation policy applies to all clients, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


PPTA decides to cancel a lesson due to the rain or heat, we will notify all customers affected via text 1 hour before the class commences. We will organise the make up class on a Sunday when the weather allows it in the same term.


To avoid disappointments enrollments should be made prior to the start of the new term as places can not be guaranteed until payment is made. If having financial difficulty to pay on time please contact the office to make alternate plans at info@perthperformancetennis.com.au

If you cancel the enrollment at any stage (before or after confirmation of the spot), paid or not, a $20 processing fee will be non refundable.

If you are not enrolling for the full term, the fee applicable would be at the PAYG (Pay as you go ) rate.


I acknowledge that Perth Performance Tennis may film, use video analysis & photography during programs, lessons & events. I acknowledge & agree that this usage, including for marketing & promotion purposes, is without compensation or notice to myself. Images may be used on our website, social media & other promotional material.

Updated July 2022. A review & update from time to time may occur with these TERMS & CONDITIONS