“Thankyou for your professionalism and support.

Blair is really enjoying and benefiting in many ways”



“Our son had never even picked up a racket. The coaches made tennis accessible and fun.”


“Thank you for your great work! Isabella really enjoys the squad training, the energy and intensity! Your coaches are really awesome with the kids and you can tell they love their work! We have played at heaps of places and this is by far the best!”


“Learning to play tennis has been fantastic, being an adult beginner can be quiet daunting but the coaching was friendly and helped me improve my tennis really quickly, the club members are really welcoming there’s always great things happening at the club, great for players of all skill level and age”

  Scott, 27

“My 2 boys are currently doing the Pee Wee tennis on Sat morning and loving it! For the first time this term I also brought along my other 4 year old son to watch, he has Autism and therefore sometimes takes a while to warm to things and can have trouble comprehending instructions etc. He was very excited at tennis and to my surprise wanted to join in straight away. Your 3 staff were wonderful and encouraged him to have a trial with the session. Your staff were absolutely wonderful and encouraged him to help pick up the balls offering his high 5’s etc…your staff definitely made his first impression at the courts a wonderful one.

I just wanted to let you know what wonderful young staff you have. Too often people only take the time to complain but I thought you would definitely want this feedback!”


My girls like Alan very much for his very detailed guidance that helped them improve a lot, and he is such a kind, funny and enthusiastic coach, coming out of the warm house into the cold heavy rain for us was worth it. 😬

My 4 yo boy, got the most impressive progress with coach Riley. Ford was totally new to tennis and his communication in English is limited as we just migrated to Australia a year ago, but I can tell he engaged and enjoyed every minute on the court over the past 2 weeks and he could hit the balls much better than me now 😄. Thanks to Riley’s absolute patience and amazing methods towards the little ones.


“We’ve always enjoyed watching tennis and so we decided to give it a go, the coaching team are awesome, they make the coaching fun and you learn a lot very quickly. Since joining the club we’ve enjoying meeting new people and being involved in all sorts of games and tournaments, the members are welcoming and happy to invite you along for a hit, people of all ages and skill level are always welcome and we highly recommend getting a few lessons!”

  Bri, 25

“Matt is having the best time training with Eddy. Of course, I have to listen to him for about 30 minutes non stop, about how good his forehand got and his backhand got and how awesome Eddy is. He says, maybe I should leave medicine and go pro. LOL!”